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General Mechanical

Car & Van Mechanical Repairs in Stafforshire & Cheshire

Medlicott Motors offers mechanical repairs for domestic and commercial vehicles in Staffordshire & Cheshire.

Our team of qualified and experienced mechanics are dedicated to providing the highest quality service to our customers.


We understand that vehicle breakdowns and repairs can be inconvenient and stressful. That's why we use the latest diagnostic software and quality tools to diagnose and repair your vehicle efficiently, correctly, and cost-effectively.

Mechanics in Stoke-on-Trent, Car & Van Repairs - Medlicott Motors
Mechanics in Stoke-on-Trent, Car & Van Repairs - Medlicott Motors

Brakes, Exhausts & Suspension 

If your vehicle's brakes are sticking, performing poorly, or making noise, it maybe time to replace your pads and/or discs. Exhaust faults, such as escaping air (blowing), loose fittings, or rust, are usually easy to identify. Modern diesel vehicles are prone to carbon build-up in DPFs and EGR valve failure. Suspension component failures can also be diagnosed by road noise reverberating to the driver. Ball joints, bushes, and broken coil springs are expected for vehicles over five years old.


Cambelts & Timing Chains

we prefer to replace cambelts and timing chains at the manufacturers' set intervals; this is because Cambelt and timing chain failure can be catastrophic for your engine, causing separated components to collide and result in damage. Our technicians are experienced in fixing such issues, so you don't have to worry.


Engine, Gearbox & Turbos

Gearbox and turbo failure are typical for vehicles with high mileage and poor maintenance history. Our mechanical technicians have experience replacing turbos, engines, and gearboxes for all makes and models of light goods vehicles, vans, and cars.


Diagnostics & Electrical 

If your car or van displays a warning light or fault code on your dashboard, we recommend bringing it in for vehicle diagnostics as soon as possible. Our workshop technicians use state-of-the-art car diagnostic test equipment to identify potential issues early before a component failure occurs. In addition, we check engine management faults and electrical systems, including lights, emissions, and more, to quickly diagnose potential failures.

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